Thursday, July 15, 2010

NC Reppin' | Ski Beatz, Ricky Ruckus, Conrizzle + Ford Fiesta

"Ford Motor recently contacted super producers Ski Beatz (Jay-Z, Camp-Lo, Curren$y) , Conrizzle (Nickelus F, Jim Jones, Loaded Lux, Fam-Lay), and AOG recording artist Ricky Ruckus to appear in their latest commercial campaign promoting the 2011 Ford Fiesta car. This commercial features production from Conrizzle and it was shot in Liberty Park, NJ in May 2010. The Fiesta saves Winston's date with a surprise picnic in the park. Never underestimate the romantic possibilities of 36.9 cu. ft. of cargo space and an available rear 12-Volt Powerpoint. It doesn't hurt to have friends like @MrConrizzle, @RickyRucus, @SkiBeatz, and Agua Dulce executive chef, Ulrich Sterling."

Check out the behind the scenes footage after the jump!

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